Reminders not working?

Hello I’m not so sure how to describe my issue, but here it goes.
I’ve been using Vikunja for a little while and I’ve encountered an issue where I cannot make the reminders work. I open the task, click “add reminder” then set the date/time. Then when the reminder is supposed to go, nothing happens. I thought I had missed them or maybe Windows 10 hid the desktop notifications for some reason, but I can almost rule that out.
I recently upgraded to v0.21/v0.21 but I’ve been setting up reminders for quite some time and I don’t remember them ever working. I honestly don’t know what I’m missing here.

Currently only email reminders are supported. You might need to enable them in Vikunja’s settings though.

It kind of makes sense then. I use Vikunja with a one-user local setup, I don’t need emails (and I don’t even know how to set it up). I’ll just not use it the function then.

Sorry for breaking into this issue, but do I read it correctly that reminders don’t show a notification in the web UI or via the notifications API?

That’s correct. Currently only email reminders are available.