How can I get notifications in from Vikunja tasks?

I’ve tried numerous different ways and I can’t get the reminders to work - I’ve reached out on github with no response, so I figure the next best option is to ask the Vikunja community!

Tasks are created in Vikunja and sync’d to Tasks via DAVx5

Task Defaults
-Default start date = Due date
-Default due date = No due date
-Default reminders = When due

Sync’d tasks from Vikunja come across with
Start Date = ‘No start date’
Due Date = Whatever was defined in Vikunja (If today, then a time value, if tomorrow then “Tomorrow” + time value)

I would expect that Tasks would send reminders for tasks from Vikunja at the Due date specified, but reminders never fire.

If a task is created within Tasks itself, and only a Due date is specified, then Start date = 'When due" and a the reminder flag is set as “When due”, and reminders will fire successfully.

Or, is there an alternative android app that people use that handles notifications better?
I’m loving Vikunja so far, the only thing missing is an Android app (web app is fine, but when offline, I’d still like my tasks to have been sync’d to an app and send off reminders)

AFAIK the app will only fire reminders when they are specified properly - that is when you add a “real” reminder to a task (via the “Set Reminders” button on the task detail page). Vikunja won’t remind you by default if you only specify a due date.

There is an alternative app for Vikunja, currently only available for android though, which reminds you of new tasks. Reminders work while offline but not viewing or creating tasks.