No email notification when setting a reminder

Hello all,

First of all, I would like to say that I think it’s really great that Vikunja exists. It really makes a fantastic first impression on me.
Only with the email reminders of tasks I have a problem. I have SMTP set up and when I press forgot password I get a mail. I have also set the time zone (VIKUNJA_SERVICE_TIMEZONE with value Europe/Berlin) and in the Vikunja settings I have enabled “Send me reminders for tasks via email”. But somehow I still don’t get any notification.

May I write here two more function requests?
I would like to have an iOS app with push notification, I don’t always want to get an email, but somehow I need to know that a task is due.
And besides the tasks, it would be great to have an area where I could manage notes.

Thanks for the great work.

Great that you like it.

The problem with reminders has been discussed here:

The main problem is the way timezones and the clock on your server works. Not an easy problem to solve but I will tackle eventually.

There’s the flutter app which should work on iOS but lacks quite a bit behind wrt features. It does not feature reminders (yet), PRs welcome. Because I don’t own a Mac, I can’t release it for iOS so you’d need to build and sign it yourself.

That’s a bit out of scope for Vikunja as it stands right now. This might change in the future once we have plugins but that’s not something with a high priority.

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