More Options for saved Filters

I think it would be cool, to have more options for saved Filters like chaining different different filter-parameter. Aditionally a dynamic Today option, which follows the actual today date) for the Due-Date would be nice.

Example UseCase:
Having a Saved Filter named Today, that includes all Todos that are due today from the private Namespaces and all Todos that are assigned to me from the shared Lists.

What do you mean with the chaining? You can already have a filter with multiple parameters to filter by.

I agree a filter with a dynamic “today” field would make a great addition. I’ve added it to the backlog.

I have a namespace with my private todos and a second namespace, that is shared with some collegues. On the shared list tasks are assigned to the different Members. On my private List I currently do not assign the Tasks to me as I’m the only Person able to access this list (im assigned implicitly).

I think it would be cool to have a saved Filter called Today which is pulling all due-tasks from my private list (where all Tasks are implicitly assigned to me) and all tasks from the shared List that are explicitly assigned to me. So the filter has to have two different internal filters connected together.

Something like this:
Show all Tasks that are due today from my_private_namespace OR Show all Tasks that are due today and are assigned to me from shared namespace.

I see. I think I understand the use case but that would be a very complicated addition (not only on the api side but on the frontend/ux side as well). Maybe worth adding at some point in the future. I don’t see it happening any time soon though. (That is, unless you’re willing to put a PR together :upside_down_face: