Listing subprojects tasks

Should be nice to have an option to shows all tasks belonging to child projects.

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In the filter options?


Maybe having a project pref, as show proj tasks in parent project or show tasks from child projects could be better, but having it in the filter options is a good tradeoff.

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Related to this, but the ability to show related tasks belonging to child projects in the Gantt Chart mode would also be great.

Also, the Gantt chart view currently doesn’t refresh when selecting between child projects/main projects unless the refresh button is clicked. Was this meant as a feature?

That sounds like a bug.

Should be fixed in 184110b986 - please check with the next unstable release.

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Thanks. Checked the thing and it seems like you’ve implemented both!

As its an unstable release, does this mean I have to build/compile from source and (re)compile via docker -compose (I am using docker/compose at the moment). As the docker hub shows that the image was updated 7 days ago but on github the changes were made 4 days ago.

You certainly can build from source, usually there should be a release done by the CI. The current CI process as issues and therefore the builds are paused, sorry about that. I’m looking into it.

The builds now work again. You can also check the newest unstable version on try.

Thanks. Haven’t compiled it but works. The Gantt chart now refreshes, as expected on the Gantt project view, but the sub-projects under each project don’t show up on the main project’s Gantt chart view.

From the release comments I thought this was fixed but I think I may have misunderstood or its a feature that’s planned for a later date? I’ll mention this in case its not working as expected.

This is expected behaviour. We might change it in the future though.

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This is strictly speaking, not necessary as I’ve realised that a saved filter with multiple projects included has this exact same requested functionality of combining them into a single, large, Gantt chart. I think its an acceptable workaround.


I believe that having an option to also show sub-project tasks in current view (eg: project page), is a very useful option, so as to have a high-level view of the hierarchy :heart: :+1:

Furthermore, it would be very useful to be able to add the option in the “projects” field when generating a filter, like following example:


I am on Is it possible to do it here?. (ie list all the tasks of the subprojects, on a top level project). i dont see any obvious way to do it right now

Currently it’s not possible.

I would also love to have the ability to see tasks from subprojects when viewing the parent project or better yet have different view options such as Gantt, List, Kanban in the Overview and Upcoming views.

One of the main features I’ve been looking for in a project or tasks management app is the ability to ‘roll up’ tasks for all child levels of a hierarchy at the parent level to easily see all the tasks I have on my plate and decide which to work on next. Vikunja was one of the few self-hosted apps I’ve found that does this on some level (Overview / Upcoming tasks) but it’s fairly limited in the sense that you cannot view the combined list of tasks in any other view like Kanban, etc.

As with most users I would think it’s rare to have a single project you’re working on at any given time and it’s not very efficient to have to go back and forth between projects to see which tasks are more urgent, etc. You can get a general sense of things in the Overview view if you have used due dates and other metadata to “push” more important tasks to the top, but that’s not always practical and you may be modifying tasks that you otherwise wouldn’t just to ‘game’ them to the top of the Overview list.

There are a few issues with the workaround of using a project filter (aka virtual project) for this as mentioned by @letshin

  1. There is no Kanban view (1) or at least it does not load for me.

  2. If you want all tasks from all projects you have to manually edit the filter each time you add a new project. There is no “all projects” option in the filter as far as I can tell.

    Edit: I see that if you leave the Project field blank it will show from all projects.

  3. Table view does not sort properly. Here is an example where I had it sorted by priority but you can see it’s not in order of priority. The 2nd and 5th tasks down the list should be at the top.

    Edit: I see now that there are 3 states for a column sorting. The first is basically unsorted? The 2nd is decending and 3rd is ascending. For some reason the first time I clicked the sort option on Priority it went into unsorted mode.

    I also see that sorting on multiple columns can cause conflicts and it’s hard to tell which column sort is taking priority. For example if you sort by priority, then title, then priority again it will not sort properly by priority and it seems like the title sorting interferes?

    Finally it seems sorting does not work at all on mobile? I’m using Safari on iOS but also tried Brave on iOS (chrome basically) and it does not work there either.

  4. Table sorting options are shared by all table views. This is not specific to the project filter workaround but I noticed it while playing with the filters and table sorting. Changing the table sorting in one table changes the sorting in all other tables in Vikunja. I have different project filters I want sorted differently.

(1) Note: I can understand there might be some organizational challenges with this since each project can have a different set of columns which might make the Kanban view cluttered but I think most people use the same set of Kanban columns for each projects so I don’t know if that would be a big issue.

If anything above is deemed to be a bug I can submit an issue for it.

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The kanban problem wrt filters has been discussed here a bit: #2338 - Uncouple KANBAN from Lists - frontend - Gitea

It’s something I want to tackle in the next release.

In the example it’s not sorted by anything. It should work if you click on the arrows next to the column names in the title head - if that does not work, please open a bug report.

It’s prioritizing by the order in which you clicked the items the first time. In your example it would sort by priority first and then all tasks with the same priority are sorted by the title. If you then click again on the priority sorting, it should only invert the order of sorting by priority but keep the order. The arrow next to the column should indicate the sort order.

Can you open a bug report for this?
All browsers on iOS have to use Safaris web engine due to Apple restrictions so it doesn’t really matter if you’re using Safari or Brave there.

It’s working now and I think it might have actually been a similar issue to this. IIRC the default sorting was overriding my sorting changes, effectively. Once I unsorted all fields I was able to sort by the ones I wanted.

Edit: Checking again in a private browser tab it looks like it defaults to sorting by the task # which isn’t obvious at first and basically overrides all other sorting. Noticing that and having to unsort the taks # column before other sorting will really work is not very obvious or intuitive I think it would be a nicer and less confusing and a better user experience if no sorting was applied by default.