Listing subprojects tasks

Should be nice to have an option to shows all tasks belonging to child projects.

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In the filter options?

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Maybe having a project pref, as show proj tasks in parent project or show tasks from child projects could be better, but having it in the filter options is a good tradeoff.

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Related to this, but the ability to show related tasks belonging to child projects in the Gantt Chart mode would also be great.

Also, the Gantt chart view currently doesn’t refresh when selecting between child projects/main projects unless the refresh button is clicked. Was this meant as a feature?

That sounds like a bug.

Should be fixed in 184110b986 - please check with the next unstable release.

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Thanks. Checked the thing and it seems like you’ve implemented both!

As its an unstable release, does this mean I have to build/compile from source and (re)compile via docker -compose (I am using docker/compose at the moment). As the docker hub shows that the image was updated 7 days ago but on github the changes were made 4 days ago.

You certainly can build from source, usually there should be a release done by the CI. The current CI process as issues and therefore the builds are paused, sorry about that. I’m looking into it.

The builds now work again. You can also check the newest unstable version on try.

Thanks. Haven’t compiled it but works. The Gantt chart now refreshes, as expected on the Gantt project view, but the sub-projects under each project don’t show up on the main project’s Gantt chart view.

From the release comments I thought this was fixed but I think I may have misunderstood or its a feature that’s planned for a later date? I’ll mention this in case its not working as expected.

This is expected behaviour. We might change it in the future though.

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