Unable to display the Kanban board for filters across multiple lists

While trying to use filters across multiple lists, I am unable to view the Kanban board.

Relevant logs:


2021-09-04T22:39:29.5652638+05:30: WEB 	▶ ::1  GET 404 /api/v1/lists/-2/buckets?filter_concat=and&per_page=25&page=1 500.9µs 

SQL Logs

2021-09-04T22:53:36.6239434+05:30: INFO	▶ [DATABASE] 1a95 [SQL] SELECT `id`, `notifiable_id`, `notification`, `name`, `read_at`, `created` FROM `notifications` WHERE (notifiable_id = ?) ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 50 [1]
2021-09-04T22:53:36.6239434+05:30: INFO	▶ [DATABASE] 1a96 [SQL] SELECT count(*) FROM `notifications` WHERE (notifiable_id = ?) [1]

Yeah Kanban is not supported for filters. The problem is that you set kanban buckets per list so if you view a bunch of tasks through the filter, it is not clear which buckets to show. We could just show all buckets of all lists in that filter but that would be too much once you have tasks from a few lists with a few buckets each.

Another option to solve this would be to add an option to configure kanban buckets globally or per namespace or something else. Or to configure them per filter, but that would get hard to manage on the api side of things because of the way buckets are currently implemented.

Open for ideas.

What I was thinking was something like requiring all lists to have the same buckets to have Kanban boards. But maybe being able to configure it per namespace might be a better idea