Filtered View on existing Kanban View

First of all, this is a really cool idea! I’m still having some issues to get what I want in the Kanban view type, maybe there can be some tweaks.

I’d love to have a feature where you can create a filtered view on an existing Kanban view. So you keep all the buckets that you have in the existing Kanban view (and it keeps all the updates and so on), and you would just have a filtered view on this existing view. I know you can just filter a project in the existing kanban view temporarily (or permanently if you set it in the view), but I’d basically like to be able to save this filter separately so I can access it at any time and share it with people.

Additional notes: First I thought I would be able to do that by just creating a new Kanban view but then I realized that buckets were Kanban view specific. Additionally, I wasn’t able to get the Filter bucket configuration mode working at all. I never saw any tasks, and clicking on the “+ Create a new bucket” button didn’t seem to do anything (not sure what how this mode is supposed to work?).
Oh and it would be great to have the “How does this work?” section that’s also on the New Saved Filter menu to have a shortcut to all the possible filters.

So you want to be able to share a saved filter with other people?

Which filters did you specify?

It should not allow you to create buckets in that view. I’ll take a look.

Good idea, will add it.

I didn’t add any filters, but nothing would show up still.


I want to save it as a new kanban view, separate from the main kanban view, but still sync all changes. That would also mean that other people can see the filter, yes.

If you set the bucket mode to filter, you must specify a filter for each bucket (“create a new bucket” on the bottom right). Then for each bucket, specify the filter you want to use to show tasks.

The thing is though that I wasn’t able to click this “Create a new Bucket” button

It works fine for me on try. Can you verify it there?

Ah yes, this works now. Strange!

In any case, this doesn’t seem to support the use case that I need, as you still have to create custom buckets for the filter mode.

To explain some more: When I have a Kanban view Kanban1 with three buckets, A, B, and C, I want to have another Kanban view Kanban2 which has the very same three buckets A, B, and C from Kanban1, but at the same time I want to apply a view-wide filter on Kanban2 that shows just a selection of the tasks in buckets A, B, and C that match the filter. Both views exist independently, and you can move around tasks in either one of those, and the changes sync.
So fundamentally I want to be able to have a one Kanban board logically, but one view on it without filters and one view with filters.
This would be immensely useful!

Ah! That’s different to the bucket filter mode. Currently what you’re describing is not really possible. You can create a view and apply a global filter, but the view would have its own Kanban buckets and such.

Yes exactly, this is currently not possible. That’s why I made this feature request :slight_smile: That would be super helpful!

So basically, you want to create a view which “inherits” all properties from another view, but allows filtering?

Exactly! That’s my idea.