Searches and Filters should be the same

Searches and filters are essentially the same thing – you enter some criteria and you get back things that match that criteria. Searches just let you see an ephemeral dialog-style view of the matching tasks, and filters let you see the entire list with the non-matching tasks removed. They should share all their features. A user should be able to search for tasks using any criteria they can use to filter.

Users should be able to save filters that they commonly use so that they can quickly apply those filters rather than having to set them up each time. One obvious one (for me) is to see only tasks assigned to me – This should be a one-to-two-click operation.


  • Let users save filters
  • Searches are just ephemeral, throw-away filters.

As you correctly figured out in More Options for saved Filters - #16 by friki67, that’s already a thing :slight_smile: