When filter conditions change, pages aren't updated according to new list length

Hello, I have a bug to report. I can make the issue if it’s not already made.

I have a pretty long grocery list with a lot of items. When I have to get groceries, I turn the Show Done Tasks filter and mark undone all that it’s needed. However, I noticed that when I’m finished and turn off Show Done Tasks to have the shopping list ready (filter conditions change) and my list is now a lot shorter (because it’s only displaying what I don’t have marked as done), the number of pages obviously changes, but the frontend stays in the same page. Refreshing doesn’t work because the URL page query parameter persists. It is reproducible on try. Thanks!

How to reproduce:

  1. Create a project.
  2. Fill it with more than 50 tasks (so it wraps to a new page).
  3. Mark some tasks as done (at least so that less than 50 undone tasks remain).
  4. Check the filter option Show Done Tasks
  5. Go to the next page.
  6. Uncheck the filter option Show Done Tasks (or press Clear Filters)
  7. All the not done tasks go back to the first page but the frontend stays in the second page with no tasks and no apparent way out. Workarounds are turn back on the previous filter, delete the page query parameter from the URL or switch projects back and forth.


Thanks for the report. I’ll take a look.

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Should be fixed in 1918947c0b. Please check with the next unstable build (~45min)

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Thanks for your promptness in fixing the issue. However, I think the build failed. I’m not very knowledgeable in CI so I’m not sure. Thanks again.

Yes, there are currently issues with the pipeline. I’m working on it.

Builds are fixed now, you should be able to pull the last unstable build now. You can also check it out on try.