Due date saved filter doesn't seem to work

Hi there,

There seem to be a couple of bugs with due date saved filter:

  1. The single digit day values cause 400 errors, for example 2022-10-1, presumably it expects 2022-10-01, but that’s what date picker sets.

  2. If I choose a double digit days it doesn’t cause 400 errors anymore, but the filters doesn’t seem to work, it just shows all tasks, even though most of them don’t have due date set.

Frontend Version: 0.20.0
API Version: v0.20.0

That sounds like a bug.

Did you uncheck the “show tasks which don’t have a value set” checkbox?

Yep, that was the issue. But from UX perspective it seems counter intuitive (unless I’m missing something), if I want to filter by due date, I expect it to show tasks within that due date range by default. This checkbox is not on by default in normal filters, but for some reason is on by default on saved filters.

Another observation, if I filter by priority with “Include Tasks which don’t have a value set” set, then I only get tasks that have priority set but no tasks without priority. Is that intended behaviour?

That’s a bug. Should be fixed in 2ef5e54588 - please check with the next unstable build (~30 min on try).

I was not able to reproduce this. Can you check if it works as intended on try?

Ok, looks like there is no 400 error anymore, at least no error popup, but if I create a filter for 2022-11-1 to 2022-12-1, even if there are tasks with due date in that range, nothing is showing up, if I change to 2022-10-31 to 2022-11-30, they show up.

But those are different dates? What due date has the task you’re seeing?

Yes, but the task due date is still in range. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a task with due date for 2022-11-15
  2. Create saved filter with due date range from 2022-11-1 to 2022-12-1, untick “Include Tasks which don’t have a value set” - no tasks will show up
  3. Create saved filter with due date range 2022-10-31 to 2022-11-30, untick “Include Tasks which don’t have a value set” - the task created in the first step will show up

I suspect there is a bug in date format config.

I was not able to reproduce this on try:

If it works on try it’s likely already fixed in the develop branch. Please check if you can reproduce it on try, if that’s the case please provide details about the environment (browser, OS, etc).

Looks like you’re using normal filters on the list, it works there for me as well, the problem shows up is in saved filters. Tested it on try - could replicate on Safari / MacOS.

Looks like Safari is causing this.

Firefox sends a correct date:


But Safari does not:


The solution here is to parse all dates on the api side and make sure only correct dates are saved into the db. Will put up a fix.

Just checked this with a list filter and it correctly returns an error message which just isn’t displayed on the frontend.

Should be fixed in 3d7605591e. Please check with the next unstable build (~45min, on try) if the problem really went away. You might need to recreate existing filters.

I’ll also push another fix to the frontend so that the error returned by the api is actually shown.

Interesting that Safari seems to sends the right format for days with double digits but not single ones. In my case it doesn’t even include time:

"filter_value": [

Thanks for looking into this promptly.

I’ve just tested on try and the problem is still there. Possibly because my date format that Safari sends is different to what you posted for some reason. My Safari version: Version 16.0 (17614., 17614).

This should be fixed now with 33e27c66a0.

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Tested on try - works now, thank you :+1:

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