Filtering: unexpected character '+' (relative dates)

I am trying the new filters (they look good!!). Problem when trying: dueDate < now+30d :
The filter expression ‘(due_date < now+30d ) (done = false)’ is invalid: unexpected character ‘+’

That looks like a bug. I’ll take a look.

As a workaround, you can change the query to dueDate < 'now+30d' and it should work.

Thanks, that seems to work!

I had some problems deleting the broken query. I had to first change to ‘done=false’, then save. Then I could open the screen again and I could copypaste the query.

If that sounds familiar you probably have it on your radar, if not let me know and I can try to make a video.

There is a known bug with the query saving, but I’m not sure if that’s related to your issue. If you could make a video, that would be great!

Hmm tried making a video. But not sure how to blur/censor my own tasks… Rather not upload them :wink:

Are you able to reproduce it on the demo?

Good one.

In the recording you can see there are two problems:

  1. Can’t change 1d to 2d
  2. Saving fails when adding a condition to an existing filter

Thanks for the video! That seems like a new bug, I’ll take a look.

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I’ve just pushed a fix for the first bug from this thread in 70615d6843. Please check with the next unstable build, if date queries work without quotes.

Do you still have the ui problem from the video if you don’t use quotes around the date value?

I usually just install the .deb from the download site :eyes: .

Do you have something like try-unstable.vikunja.op maybe?

The official demo site runs on unstable.

It seems I need to click outside of the editbox BEFORE clicking save, for saving to work :slight_smile:

This is now fixed in a25834b089, please check with the next unstable build (should be ready for deployment in ~45min, also on try).

The other issue you reported seems to be fixed now as well, can you confirm that?