Want to make a contribution

I find vikunja very useful and reliable as a todo list & reminder tool. I personally love the feature of sending email notifications.

I wander if there is a way to make a contribution to Chinese translation? As an amateur I may need some help of pointing me out witch file is the main webUI that should be translated.


Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

All translation happens via crowdin - I’ve gone ahead and enabled chinese there. Once translated and approved, it will be automatically synced back to Vikunja’s code base.

You can find all information about how the translation process works here:

The Chinese-zh translation is about 48% done by now,and I’m wondering how to get the approving part to be done.

I’ve just given you proofreader access for chinese. You can now approve translation strings, once there’s at least 50% please ping again so that I make them show up in the release.