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Hi, just started using Vikunja as self hosted service and I’m liking it so far. Only problem I see is that on the language selection combobox it only shows “Portuguese” as an option, It does not tells if its Portuguese - Portuguese or Portuguese - Brazilian.
It may be the same language, but each other uses very different expressions and words for the same thing.
That said. I saw that both are at crowdin, any particular reason to have just a generic portuguese at the app, but there are labels for both?

Thanks in advance.

The Portuguese translation currently available in the web interface is Portuguese - Portuguese. The Portuguese - Brazilian translation is not proofread over 50%, as per Translations | Vikunja

I will take some time to translate the PT-BR. I can’t get used to PT-PT.


There was not many strings missing translation.
Fixed some contextual strings that were grammatically right, but not right for the context.
Voted for strings that were right.

Is there any pt-br proffreader for this project?

There are two proofreader for pt-br. I could add you as well

If you don’t mind adding me, next release we could have pt-br translation ready

Added you. Please also take a look at the translation guidelines: Translations | Vikunja

Thanks for your efforts!

@kolaente I proofread the pt-BR strings.
Hope to see this next possible release.

Leandro Menezes

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Thanks a lot! I’ve added it to the selectable languages. It will take one day to sync the translations from crowdin, please check with the next unstable build tomorrow to see the updated translations in Vikunja (also on try).

Looks good at Try. No problems found atm.
I’m using Vikunja as docker container. When a new release is at docker hub I’ll install it and start using it in pt-BR, any inconsistency I find I will fix it at crowdin.