Chinese Language didn't work

Try to set the Language in the setting, Select Chinese and Save, English still there, setting not work, this should be a bug.

The Chinese translation is not yet approved on crowdin. Only approved translations land in Vikunja. As I have no knowledge of Chinese I’m unable to do that myself. If I would give you proofreading rights would you be able to approve them?

I would like to try, thanks! Email and username same as this community.

I see in crowdin all Chinese Simplified Language has been Translated and Approved, will it include in the next release? :slight_smile:

Chinese Simplified is completly translated but nothing is yet approved. Only approved translation strings will be included in Vikunja builds.

Checked and Approved, ready for launch :smiley:

Awesome! Translations are synced once a day so they should be available in the next unstable build tomorrow.