Vikunja and not working with recurring Tasks

Hi. I have used Tasks-org on the phone with Nextcloud Task for Web-Access for quite a while without any problems with recurring tasks, but as the Nexctloud Task App is missing many important features, I would like to switch to Vikunja. Unfortunately, the recurring Tasks feature seems to have many problems.

  1. Tasks-org → Vikunja: When I add a recurring Tasks in the App, this setting is not added in the Vikunja Tasks, the information is completely missing

  2. Vikunja → Tasks-org: When I create the recurring Taks in Vikunja, the intervall Information can’t be read by App and is shown like this: “FREQ=SECONDLY;INTERVALL=604800”.

Tested with latest versions of Vikunja Back- and Frontend and Tasks-org. Sync via CalDav.

As it worked without any Problems with Nextcloud via CaldDav and alle Apps say they implement the CalDav Protocolls, I assume the Bug is located in Vikunja.

Is this a known Bug? If not, I can try to make some more tests and provide a more detailed Bug-Description.

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That’s a known bug. The root-cause here is Vikunja uses a fundamentally different model in how it handles recurring tasks. Fixing this would require changing that model completely, which is no small thing to do (though it is on the roadmap)

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Thank you for the quick response.

Unfortunately, my Workflow relies heavily on mobile app usage and recurring tasks (all these reminders! :wink: ). I hope some day this will be fixed and I can integrate Vikunja into my Workflow. A full-featured Web Frontend is something I really miss.

You can already use the PWA (open the web frontend, then “add to home screen” or similar) to get an App-like experience. Or the app, though that is not feature-complete.

Nice! Ich will have a look!