Problems with synchronization. (CalDAV)


after a long time (and a lot more technical experience) I wanted to have a second look at Vikunja and have set it up as a test and tried it out a bit. And what can I say, I actually want to switch to Vikunja.

So far I’ve always used the Nextcloud Tasks App, but it’s very limited and Nextcloud is, as the name suggests, geared towards a cloud and not a to-do service. Vikunja looks good, is fast, open source and self-hosted. Perfect for me.

I would like to take my ToDos (+2000) with me, and since a direct transition is not possible, I used my daily companion app Tasks-org (which is also supported by Vikunja!) to transfer my ToDos via a third party. This has also worked so far, all ToDos are now in the Vikunja database and I can access them perfectly via the web interface. Perfect!

What is causing me problems now, however, is the synchronization with my Tasks-org app. I reset the app and then wanted to reload everything fresh from Vikunja. So I enter the CalDAV connection data and off I go. It starts to download diligently, but at some point it stops, exactly at 1,000 downloaded to-dos. After that it’s over. Nothing else is downloaded, so no new points appear in the app. however, it tries to continue downloading, but this goes on indefinitely. i let my phone download for 3 hours as a test, with no change. It still shows me that it is downloading and I can also see in the utilization of the Vikunja + MariaDB container (I use Docker + MariaDB as a database) that Vikunja and MariaDB are both working and doing something, but no more ToDos arrive in the app. In the Vikunja console I also see that the app continues to request and Vikunja probably also answers this. Here is an excerpt:

2024-04-29T16:37:07.87819887Z: WEB :arrow_forward: #ip-address# PUT 201 /dav/projects/1/2757509497386878722.ics 3.279231351s - org.tasks/13.8.1 (okhttp3) Android/14

What is the reason for this and how can I fix it?

This was a bug which has been fixed recently: #2302 - Caldav only supports 1000 Tasks per project - vikunja - Gitea

Please switch to an unstable build (make a backup first!) or wait for the next release.

@kolaente Funny, I found this exact post myself 2 minutes ago… I just went back here to report on my find in this post…

Thanks for the fix! Since I’m using docker, switching to the unstable build isn’t that easy (is it)?
When do you think is the next release?

@kolaente When do you think is the next release?

Just change the tag to :unstable instead of :latest.

The next release will be soon™, currently there are only a few bugs left to fix.

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i see there are several bugs to be fixed (13 of them).
do you have an approximate nta?
or can you say approximately how long it will take until the next release? no minutes, something like “1/2/3/4 day/week/month/year/whatever” would be great. (if not is also okay)
i don’t want to switch to unstable because i want to use vikunja as a productive instance

If all goes to plan, the next stable version will be released in may. I
hope to get it out in the first half, but it may very well be the
second half.

@kolaente Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to work with the unstable build either.

I let Task-org import all 2400 ToDos into Vikunja, that works so far. Strangely enough, I then have 3600 ToDos in Task-org?
If I then reset Task-org and re-enter the login data for Vikunja, it only pulls 1800 ToDos back into the app and then says “Couldn’t parse multistatus XML element”.

How can I fix this?

PS: There is no way to simply import all ToDos as an .ics file into Vikunja, right? Because I have this file with all 2400 ToDos.

That sounds like a bug. Is that an error in Or in Vikunja?

Not really. I think there’s an item somewhere in the backlog about this but currently, you’d need to convert the ics into a vikunja export first.

The error is in task-org, but I have no problem with the same number of tasks in nextcloud, so the error must be in vikunja. I can’t explain it any other way

is it easy to convert this? maybe it will solve my problem?
backlog = no realese soon, right? (or even in the next realese :eyes:)

So there is no error message in Vikunja’s logs?

The next release is around the corner, so it won’t make it into that (we’re only fixing bugs at this point) but I can push it up to include it in the next release

I made a typo, sorry. I meant the error must be in Vikunja. “The error is not in task-org”

BUT! I tried it again today, very dear full, let task-org update several times and oah, now it worked… I don’t know why and how, but now(!) it just works. i hope it stays that way.

the problem is when the stable version comes out i will redo everything, reset database etc, so i don’t get problems because i started in an unstable version… i hope i get it right again.

that would be great!

Glad it seems to work now!

You can switch from a current unstable build to the next stable release once it come out.