<p></p> added into description field

If I create or edit a task in the desktop app or the web frontend, <p></p> is automatically saved in the description field, even if I don’t touch it.
I only noticed this because I am using the Tasks.org app.

I just realized that if I write something into the description field it still looks ugly because of the HTML tags. I guess since Vikunja doesn’t use Markdown syntax it will always look ugly in Tasks.org.

I know It’s possible to use markdown shortcuts in the new editor, the issue I have with it, it’s not compatible with JtxBoard with caldav synchronisation.

All tasks are formatted with html code, which makes them unreadable on the phone’s client.

Would be great to have the choice between the 2 editors so It can be compatible with JtxBoard.

Edit: same behavior on tasks.org application

Since the editor is frontend only, it won’t make sense to “switch” between a plain and wysiwyg editor.

However, we could convert html to markdown and vice versa when interfacing with CalDAV. I’ve added an item to the backlog about this.


I’m sorry if I posted it the wrong section. I wasn’t sure if this was considerated as a bug as it also depends on another application outsides vikunja’s scope.

Also, as you just updated to a new editor version I wasn’t sure on how to approche the situation as a non dev. Asking for a “switch” between editors was the “easiest” way for me to approach the situation, but again, I have no idea on how this would/could have been implemented, so sorry about that.

Thanks again for your hardwork and dedication ! Good to know you’re already aware of the situation !

It would be great to put this on a higher priority (as far as possible), as this little thing really annoys xD