Tasks list in description completely broken

Task list broken and unusable. There is no real correlation between what I do and what is displayed. This is right for both latest stable and https://try.vikunja.io/ I am attaching video from try.vikunja.io and you can see it is completely inconsistent. Even number of checkboxes marked as done not always updating. This is just sad. Old editor is perfectly fine and with this I am unable to use tasklists at all. The demo now looks like broken and neglected app :frowning: I liked this app very much but now it seems I need to look for something else.


This is a known bug where I haven’t yet found a fix. It seems to be related to the way the description is rendered after updating. Reloading the page after editing the description usually makes it work.

As a side note, and I hope I can say that (if not please delete it) - Vikunja is one of the best - if not THE best - open source app with the best author community support I’ve seen in a long time. It’s anything but natural to have this level of support, with quick fixes and even quicker answers.

Messages like yours, complaining that something is broken, app seems neglected or your “threat” to move on really don’t encourage people to continue their great work.

Reporting an issue is obviously more than fine, optionally you can provide a PR with a fix (but no-one would expect that). If none of that works for you, you can obviously look for better alternatives and no-one will stop you (good luck btw). This attitude you’re showing is not healthy towards an open source project (or any project for that matter, although I’d understand it a bit more if you’d be paying for something).