Lists, but not lists of tasks

I’m finding that as I use the Vikunja more and more I want to create regular (disposable?) lists that don’t necessarily have tasks associated with each item.

Things like a grocery or shopping list: I don’t want “tomatoes” to show up in my overview and I sure as heck don’t need Gantt chart for my trip to the supermarket.

I’m looking for a “simple” list where I might want to be able to check things off. Maybe an option to not integrate the “tasks” in a particular list with the grander structure of Vikunja.


I’m using just the list view for my grocery list which works fine for me. But I’m not using the overview much, so it doesn’t really bother me if “tomatoes” show up there.

I think the idea to flag lists as “this list should be visible in the overview” is generally a good idea. Not sure if a custom filter would be better suited for that use case though. Not sure either how to implement that without adding yet another switch to change things.

Open for suggestions :upside_down_face: