Task list in description glitchy

If you have many items in task list it becomes glitchy. You can click on one item and it will enable it and some additional item.

Can you provide the steps you did to reproduce this? Are you able to reproduce the problem on try?

Yes was able to reproduce on try. See below

Sounds like this issue: #2091 - Task list item copies are linked together - vikunja - Gitea

Unfortunately, this is still a problem. Not easy to solve as it looks like the root cause is in the editor component which we didn’t develop ourselves.

So I see a couple of options

  1. Report the bug to developers
  2. If developers not responsive change to different editor.
  3. Go back to old editor. It was completely fine and without bugs

Yeah it’s already reported. Going back to the old editor isn’t really an option because of the effort already put into the new editor and the text format.