Show the number of tasks in a list

Small thing, but it would be nice to show the number of incomplete tasks in a list (similar to the way the Namespaces show the number of lists it contains).


Where should this be shown? In the menu?

Yes, on the left hand side menu for each list/filter menu button

In addition, I think it would be great to have a counter for each Kanban bucket too.

Strictly hypothetically, @kolaente, is this something you’d be interested in having contributed? For the kanban buckets, since there’s already the three dot menu on the right side, I’d pictured noting it parenthetically after the title, something like “Bucket Title (5) [dot menu on the far right]”

Although I’ve taken only the most cursory of glances at the code, it conceptually seems like a relatively simple feature to implement. Is it more complicated than something like appending list.length to the end of the title? Were someone to do a good job implementing it, would you merge it in, or is further discussion required?

Thank you!

We actually already have this in kanban, but it only shows up when you set a limit for the bucket:


This is done by simply showing the number of tasks the frontend has loaded, in the same way you proposed to do. That approach has a problem though: Because we have pagination, it will only show the number of the tasks currently loaded, not all tasks. In the screenshot, the bucket actually has 32 tasks but only 25 are loaded and thus it doesn’t show that correctly. The way to do this would be an api change so that it returns the full number of tasks in the bucket as a bucket property.

As a user I would prefer not the see the amount of incomplete tasks in the sidebar, because it would constantly remind me of how much stuff I have to do and am not able to finish.
Having said that, I have nothing against a user setting to control this.

Maybe we could even show some hover popup (probably only for desktop) that also shows the incomplete tasks. I wouldn’t show both numbers in the sidebar though (like in the buckets with limit mentioned by @kolaente, because the horizontal space in the sidebar is fairly limited already.

You mean here generally a general counter, correct? Asking because of the ‘done bucket’, since that would be the only bucket with completed tasks.

@kolaente: Do we have a ticket for that already?

More important are of course the “active” buckets, but yes why not? It seems that the counter is only displayed if you have a WIP Limit set for the bucket. But I’d like to see it for buckets like the backlog which have no limit, too.

Yes, it should definitely be a user setting.

Now we have: Vikunja

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