More "Team" / project features


I like using Vikunja for personal stuff, and I love it. It is a little bit painful when using it in groups or for project management. I don’t know if this is a use case for Vikunja, but I assume it right now because there is a Team setting.

Some points I miss to say it could be useful as a small project management tool also:

  • Milestones: A date on which some todos have to be finished
    • I can assign a todo to a Milestone, and it will set its due date to the date in the milestone
    • An overview on which todos are in the milestone
    • A visual marker on the Gantt chart that shows the milestones due date
  • An overview per namespace
    • A list of the todos in a namespace
    • A kanban board for the whole namespace
      • Maybe collapsable swimlanes to group the todos in their representative list
  • Browser notifications for reminders
  • Mark a column in kanban board as “done”
    • I want a checkbox that I can toggle if this column sets a todo that is dropped there to done or not
    • If I take the todo out of this column, “done” should be reverted
  • Simple time tracking
    • Add manual how much time you invested
    • A simple time tracker ( 00:00 [> Start] ) in the browser that I can start and that adds the tracked value to the todo
    • More of a personal thing: I like to look at how much of my free time I already invested in my favorite project :smiley:

I hope I could describe understandably what features I miss.

Hi, thanks for the suggestions!

This is actually planned and in the backlog.

I’ve just added that to the backlog.

The tricky part about this is how to configure the kanban board for the namespace only? Since the kanban boards are usually configured per list, I feel like it would create a mess if we’d only show all the buckets from all the lists in one giant namespace kanban board. You’d kinda loose the additional overview you’d get through a single board.

I think to do this properly, we’d need to restrict the kanban boards for lists or sync them between the individual lists.

It is already possible to get offline notifications in in Chrome 86+ if you enable the “Experimental web features Flag”. This is more a feature for phones running chrome, but it also works on desktop. The usual notifications are currently not implemented though.

That sounds like a great addition, I’ve added it to the backlog.

I plan on making this a separate plugin once we got the plugin interface. That won’t happen in the near future though.
Time tracking is a huge topic and I think there’s a lot of effort involved to get it right. Therefore, I’d rather make that a separate plugin, also because not everyone would need it.

The backlog is public by the way.

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Dear all,

Could you also add the possibility to set a delay between two related tasks ?
For instance:

  • task 1: due date 1st of march -> task 2 due date 90 days later
  • when task 1 is completed (let’s say on the 4th of march) -> task 2 due date is postponed by 3 days

Would it be possible ?

Thanks in advance
Kind regards

Hi Xerviami,

I think that’s a very specific use case so I’m not sure this would be a good fit for the general Vikunja. Might be a good candidate for a plugin though (once we have plugins).

A quick heads up: I’ve just merged marking a bucket in kanban as “done”. This pretty much does what you described in your original comment.

Will be in the next unstable release, once the CI builds and publishes it.