Have access to the current kanban's bucket to be able to specify where a task is on the board

As we are able to manually move a task between columns I guess each task as a corresponding field mapping the column’s name or id.

It would be nice if we could use it when adding a new task in a “magic input” way like :

This task should go to +kpending column

That would create the task and put it in the right column (Pending)

Thank you !

I’d argue using a different symbol like # or ~ would be a better choice, but that’s implementation details.

I’ve added an item to the backlog for this.

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Yes I guess # or ~ would be a better choice (my pref goes to ~ as # is broadly used for tags (hence would be nice seeing # instead of + being used for tags :slight_smile: .

Thanks for taking into account this feature request!

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@kolaente Since we have the bucket id: couldn’t we show the name of the bucket after the name of the project in a breadcrumb style. With the ability to edit the bucket (and the project).

Something like:

[Party planning > Meals :pencil2:] › [Doing :pencil2:]
Hand made pizza

Square brackets (“[” and “]”) indicate clickable area.

We could show the bucket as you suggested, but the bucket might not be loaded in pina.

If it’s not there we should be able to load it, no?

There’s no api endpoint to get a single bucket (yet) but it should be pretty easy to add one.

I created an issue