Saved Filter for Kanban Column

Hi there!

I love using Vikunja and the Kanban view.

However, since I have various lists, I’d like to add a Saved Filter that shows me all the tasks sitting in the “Doing” or “In Progress” Column in all of my lists.

Is there some filter I can use to filter by column name?

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Right now there’s no filter for this. We plan to make the kanban filter much more flexibile, allowing for this use case in the future though.

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Is there any doc or issue on this already or any way I could help with this?
I’m all-in on the Kanban feature, so it would be amazing to get a combined view of all “In-Progress” tasks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the enthusiasm! Right now there’s no doc yet as it’s mostly ideas floating around. It will likely be related to labels with multiple scoped options so that it’d be possible to put tasks in kanban buckets based on label values. For example, if you’d have labels kind/bug, kind/feature and kind/regression you could create a kanban board with three buckets bug, feature and regression using tasks with these labels.

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