Map kanban columns to filters

Hi there !

I’ve seen that being able to change kanban column from task detail is in the backlog. I’d like to make another suggestion regarding this kanban. It’s all due to the quick add magic of Vikunja, which I do love. The thing is, I don’t want to go in the kanban view when I’m adding stuff on the go, I want it to end up directly where it belongs. I see two way of achieving this:

  • Having the quick add magic support placement of the task in a specific column (complementary to being able to change the column from the detailed view)
  • Having kanban columns that match filters

I personally would love the second one, but I understand this might be only me and the first one might be more relevant. I like the second one because it can be as simple as Selecting a label and as complex as selecting a label for a time range and whatnot. So each column would be filter.

Today I have multiple saved filters, I’d love to be able to display them on a board.

I have slept on it.

I think that the placement of the card being in the card details + a way to assign it in the Quick Add Magic is plenty enough. My previous idea has a painful issue: If my filter has ranges (like time based), if I change my card from one column no another, what’s supposed to happen, which value of the range should I apply? So, back to the first proposal, have quick add magic support placement in cunjunction with the display and change of the property in the details view.

Adding another letter for the quick add magic to place a task in a specific kanban bucket is very doable, much easier than the second option. As you also discovered a flaw in the second idea, I’d go for the first one.

I’ve added an item to the backlog, feel free to send a PR.

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