Adding Kanban view to filtred view (or other "global kanban view")

I have a lot of different projects to keep track of, each with a different kanban organization, but I can’t find any way to see all these kanbans in one space: my “global filterer” is configured, but there seems to be no kanban display for filters.

More broadly, it would be perfect if I could organize all my kanbans in one space, and even more so if I could choose which kanbans are displayed or not (because some are just reminders, not needed for daily checking).

Let me know if I’ve missed anything in the options or otherwise!

Currently kanban is not supported for filters, because the kanban buckets are set per project, which makes merging them not really possible - sure, you could show all of them but then you’d have potentially a lot of buckets.

How the different views work will be changed in one of the upcoming releases, allowing to view tasks in a kanban board like you proposed.

Kanban views for filters is now available in 0.24.0.