Overdue Tasks in Overview


if i am not mistaken vikunja is supposed to show me overdue tasks inside the overview right?
For some reason it just stopped doing that. how can i revert that?

Thanks, i appreciate your quick answers :slight_smile:

Edit: I know i write a lot today, i just started using Vikunja fully today, so i am noticing some things :wink:

It should do that, but only for undone tasks.

You’re welcome!

Unfortunately in Overview very recent tasks are not shown anymore. If i click on upcoming and today - it shows a lot of tasks that are due in like 14 min, but in overview i only see ones that are due in 6 hours.

How can i fix this? I can use the workaround through upcoming, but everytime i mark a task as done, its switching back to the standard upcoming view.

The overview shows mostly tasks which were created recently. The upcoming view shows tasks which are either due soon or have their start or end date soon.

You mean if you set the range to today or something like that and then marking a task as done? That shouldn’t be the case, can you reproduce that on try?

No, i cannot reproduce it on try

How can i fix this?

What version are you using? How’s your setup?

Oh wait, i just noticed that i tryed to reproduce it wrong. I can reproduce it on try.

It only appears when i click on today, then open the detail view of a task and change the due date, after closing the detail view, its switching back from today to standard view.

Sorry for the confusion


Would it not make more sense for the Current Tasks Site to also have overdue tasks? the only way for me to see the overdue ones is to manually click on today. If tasks are longer overdue than that, i need to manually edit the time-range on upcoming

Ah, looks like that also happens when only opening a task in the detail view without changing anything. I’d consider that a bug. I’ll take a look.

It does have them:

Maybe some of the overdue tasks will eventually get pushed out but it should show them. If you want to see more, that’d be an excellent use case for a saved filter :upside_down_face:

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You are correct, when i first installed vikunja, it was showing the overdue tasks in my overview, but now it stopped doing that. What could be the Reason for that? Could it be related to the Timezone-Change?

I will use your Workarround trough a saved filter until its fixed :slight_smile:

Edit: I also noticed that in overview the tasks are weirdly sorted in my case. It starts with a task that is due in 11 months and decreases to the bottom - a week ago it was not like that. Im under the impression that the task order in overview is confused by ordering lists in table view

That shouldn’t really be the case. It is sorting by due date first and then ID (=The newest tasks will appear first, but after ones with due date).
I guess that’s another bug.

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Thanks for your reply, If i can help through testing something, just let me know.

Unfortunately the Filter Option doesn’t work properly also. If i select dates for the filters options (for example 19.05) it automatically selects the time 0:00 even if i selected a different time and then doesnt show any tasks. I can only work around this if i select the date before and after that task, but that way i have some tasks from tomorrow also + the tasks are not ordered by due date (they are randomly ordered)

I really need a fix for this, since it a most basic function for using a selfmanagement system to stay organised

That filter is a bit buggy. It works if you reload the page though. The time is saved, just not updated in the datepicker.

PRs welcome :upside_down_face:

It seems like it doesnt work in my case. I click on 20.05 set 01:00 and next again 20.05. on 23:00 → save and it doesnt show me any tasks, refreshing the site doesn’t help :confused:

The date changes won’t show up in the UI (even after a reload) but are saved and evaluated when loading tasks.
If the tasks don’t show up for you, please try to reproduce it on try.

Hi, i can reproduce it on try.
I set 2 Tasks, one in 5 min, one for the same time on the next day. I set the dates/times to 25.05.2021 01:00 am and 26.05.2021 23:00. Only the task in 5 min is showing up.

So basically the following is up:

  1. Overdue dates not showing in overview in my vikunja (Nothing special was done, except for the time zone change)

  2. The Dates in Overview and Upcoming are ordered the wrong way around in my vikunja

  3. When Time-Ranges for filters are set, the time setting doesnt work properly

  4. Filter Results are not ordered

The only ones that really bug me right now are the first two. The filter is just a workaround anyway

I see. I’ll take a look.

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Sorry, only found the time just now to look into this.

This seems to work for me on try:

What would be a correct way?

I’ve just pushed a fix for that, a new unstable release with the fix should be ready in the next ~20min.

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Yes, i cannot reproduce this bug on try. But its still an issue in my vikunja. In my overview the most recent tasks are all the way at the bottom. Also my overview is limited by not showing me overdue tasks and most tasks of my day that are not overdue.

Maybe these symptoms are connected and it would help already to implement a check if the order of the database table is still correct, but i don’t really know if this is the right attempt.

Thanks for looking into it

Edit: i just noticed, my tasks in Upcoming are also ordered that way. If i compare the Overview and upcoming, i also notice that if i set upcoming on next month, it only shows tasks until “due in 3 days”. This might be the case, because i have so many tasks that the page is already full and cannot show the other tasks. So in that case the over-due tasks would also not show up.

Could you make the pages for Upcoming unlimited? If my tasks would be ordered correctly again, i think my overview would fix itself.