How to do "wait" with Vikunja

Hi, I’m considering moving from taskwarrior to vikunja.

One of taskwarrior’s features that I use a lot is the “wait” property of a task (see also their docs). That’s a date that you can assign to a task, which basically suspends the task until that date has passed, excluding it from most listings. This really helps me to focus on current tasks and not get distracted by future tasks that I cannot yet work on anyway.

Does vikunja offer anything similar, or does it have a different way to achieve the same goal, of being able to view only tasks that can be worked on today? There’s the “start_date” property, but if I understand correctly that denotes when you actually start work on the task.

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Hey! You can filter tasks with start dates between a range, by default its a 1 week period, but is easily changed with dropdown tasks.

Hope this helps!

This probably depends on when you define a task to be “workable”. You could create a filter like @distro proposed to only show tasks due in the current week (or the next seven days, or this month, or …). If that’s all you need and if its the same period for every task I’d use this.
Another way could be to use the start and end dates and set them to roughly the period where you want to work on the task. Then you could use a filter again to hide tasks which are not due to work on yet.