Reminders notifications gotify/n8n?

Hello guys,

I have the latest version of vikunja hosted in a docker container.

When I set up reminders for my task they show up in the notification section in vikunja, but what I want is to get a popup/notification on my windows or browser (chrome/brave).

Seems like this is not possible, so I went with the n8n/gotify route with the community node, but I cant see to configure it out so I get a gotify message whith the vikunja reminder.

Any help on the above? Thank you

Currently, that’s not possible. You could use n8n to periodically fetch tasks with a reminder and then use it to send out a notification with Gotify.

Desktop notifications are on the roadmap though.

Hi. If it’s not possible to integrate with ntfy or gotfy, would it be possible to expose task reminders to the webhook API? That’d be a fine workaround.

Very much possible. I’ve put an item on the roadmap, but not as a high priority. If someone else wants to give it a go, I’d love a PR.

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I just setup my own instance of this last night, i leverage Automatisch with NTFY currently, link to my reply below:

That looks great! Can you explain how exactly you managed to get notifications for reminders? When did you have Vikunja trigger the webhook? What event did you use to trigger the webhook? I would be very happy if you could write a little guide on this.

just posted a topic here

Let me know if anything can be clearer. :clinking_glasses: