Confusing Layout of subtasks


we just installed Vikunja at work, to help us get a better structure into our projects.
I’m happy so far with it and it has a lot of important features other projects of this kind don’t have so I honestly don’t see us switching, but I do have some thoughts on it.
Maybe I’m just not using it properly, but that’s why I’m here:

I find the way tasks and subtasks are displayed in the list and espacially the kanban to be confusing.

For a good structure, I created a few projects, based on our teams. Then we use tasks and subtasks for the things we need to work on. Since we work on projects that can become quite big, thats a lot of subtasks per task. That isn’t a big problem, since in the list view, the subtasks are indented, so it’s easy to see which Task it belongs to. I would love to see a button to hide the subtasks and just the progress (aka 5/12 subtasks completed), but that’s a more minor thing.

My main problem is, that in the kanban view, every task appears the exact same and it isnt possible to see, which task the subtasks belong to.
I would love to have each task as a seperate entity and every subtask to be connected to it in some way.

This could also be solved, if there was a list view / Kanban board for subprojects. So I could create subprojects in place of my tasks and move those arround on there.

How are you using Vikunja? I don’t want to swamp the dashboard with new projects, but there doesnt seem to be a good way to manage that kind of stuff inside of one.
Does anyone have a tip for me?

Thanks for the help

Hi and welcome!

Personally, I’ll happily create sub projects whenever the parent project becomes big enough. If I want to track sub-tasks which are always contained within the bigger tasks and small, I use checklists (there’s an icon in the description editor to create one). Checklist item will not show up fully on the task list but only display a small icon indicating how many of the items are done.

Depending on the kind of project, mapping one Vikunja project to a real-world project usually makes sense. Subtasks can also span multiple projects so that you can still relate them together.

For the dashboard, you can create a saved filter showing only the tasks you want and then set that in your user settings to what’s displayed on the home page.


Thank you so much, both of those features was exactly what I was missing :smiley:

Just one thing: When I create my saved filter, the kanban doesn’t seem to be working.
It’s just empty, without an option to create new columns or anything like that.
Is it not possible to use the kanban in that view?

I would love for the Kanban states to be synced between the filter view and the different projects.
So if I change a task from “backlog” to “in progress” on the Kanban in the Project for it to show up the same way in my own view.
Would that be possible?

Awesome, glad that works for you.

Configuring the kanban views for saved filters will be possible in the next release - already in unstable.