Gantt view disfunctional (?)

I’m struggling to get the Gantt view of a list working the way I think it should work. Part of it are two bugs, part of it are two request of features that I think would make a lot of sense.
Here’s the situation:

The bugs:

  1. All tasks show up twice in Gantt view (vs List view).
  2. The end dates are disregarded by Gantt view and all tasks are placed on the exact same (wrong) time period.

The feature requests:

  1. It would be great, if the choice of “Show tasks which don’t have dates set” would be remembered for a task or even better globally.
  2. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the start date be set by default as “today” so it doesn’t have to be set manually every single time for the task to be properly handeled by Gantt view.

I tested this in an entirely new installation with the freshly-released version 0.19.0. Thanks for that btw :partying_face: The behaviour was the same in the previous version though, so it’s not a new problem.

The Gantt chart has a few issues, that’s correct. I’m currently reimplementing the whole thing in this pr:

Can you check with the preview link in that pr if the bugs went away?

You mean when editing a task in the task view?