Tasks disappear in Gantt view when longer than display period

When I create a task where either the start date or the end date (or both) are out of the range of the display period, the task disappears. I’m not sure, if this is a bug or a feature.

Example (display period 2024-02-01 to 2024-03-01):

  • Task One 2024-02-05 to 2024-02-23 (visible)
  • Task Two 2024-01-23 to 2024-02-23 (hidden)

It’s not really a bug, but not really explicitly built like that. Do you think it should include the tasks with an overlapping date? (with a start or end date in the period)

Thanks for the quick response and the great software! :slight_smile:

We want to make our projects visible in our collective. In which period they take place and which and how many overlap in each case. The Gantt view is actually ideal for this. A project is a task with a start and end date.

However, in order to visualise the workload in a time period, all projects whose start time is before or in the time period and whose end time is in or after the time period must be visible.

Does that make sense to you? Or are there other use cases where this would be rather impractical?

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I think this makes sense - added an item to the backlog. I don’t know if this might be controversial for some, but I think we should just add an option for this when we learn this could be a problem.

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