Gantt view ignores start/end date times

Hello! Just recently started using Vikunja, and would like to give a round of applause to all that have worked on this project. The setup was very easy, and works very well.

I am having some trouble however getting the Gantt view to display using the time component of start and end date. I can set the time within the task just fine, but then when viewing using Gantt it’s perfectly aligned to each day. If for example the start date was on June 1 at 12:00 PM, I would expect the start of the bar to be perfectly centered within the first’s section.

Hovering over the task shows “00:00” for the time. I believe this to be some sort of error in my installation or configuration because I have seen other screenshots that do show the start and end floating in the middle of a date, and not perfectly aligned to the edges. For example in this comment when the Gantt feature was reworked:

Some screenshots.
Gantt view:

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Thanks for the kind words!

There have been changes to the way the gantt chart works - it rounds the dates to the next full day, because you wouldn’t be able to properly see the difference at the resolution it has anyway. There are plans to enable a higher resolution (showing only a handful of days at a time, while making them bigger) which will then also show the actual time of the task.

Ah I see that would explain the difference I’m seeing then.

But I wonder if the rounding is not working properly? It seems to default to midnight, instead of rounding to closest day. For example I would expect that an end date of Monday June 10 10:00 PM would show the end of the bar on the line between the 10th and 11th. Currently it shows between the 9th and the 10th, though it’s closer to the 11th then the 9th.

If I could make a suggestion, it would be to round the start to midnight of start date, and round the end date to midnight of the following day. Maybe it’s just a matter of preference, but it seems like the bar should include the start and end date, because currently the end date will appear “outside” of that bar.

If this cannot be changed, I can understand and will just modify the end date to change the view in the way I want it to.

Thanks again!

Good point. It does indeed set the date to midnight of that day, you could say it “rounds” to the day. I’m open to changing that though I don’t see it as a high priority right now.