Gantt feature (task order)

Hi everyone,

I love your tools, but I can’t fully use the Gantt chart.

Could we reorder the task by alphabetic order or group by list or Namelist or even manually.
Today, the first one is the one that start the earlier.


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What use-case do you have where you need the tasks in a gantt chart ordered alphabetically?

Alphabetically is not need but maybe could be easier to implemented.
What I need is to order the task in common together.

For example, I have a project with marketing tasks, dev tasks…
I would like to have the gantt with the marketing tasks together, dev tasks together and the same for the other ‘group’.

By the way is there a way to export the gantt ? As csv or even as an image.

So basically you’d need to be able to filter the Gantt chart?
In your specific use-case, why don’t you use different lists for different kinds of tasks?

Yes, exactly.
I could use different lists, but some tasks are “linked” between these different lists.
If I want to plan them on the Gantt I will need to have all the list on the same Gantt and it would be easier to export directly this gantt.

Below an example of an old gantt with another soft.

You can see different teams (kind of tasks) ; Achat, Méca, RF, BF, Info, Carac and Recette. (Sorry it’s in french).
I have links between teams. To make a planning or to modify it, it’s easier to do it directly on the Gantt.

+1 for this idea :slight_smile:

This would be a great way to get an overall view of my planned tasks in all my different projects

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+1 on this big time!

Time often being the most critical resource, having the ability to coordinate it across different workspaces and projects would be a boon!