Task Dependencies

Forgive me if this has already been addressed elsewhere, but is there any way to create dependencies between tasks? I see that you can add relationships between tasks, but it seems to stop at describing the tasks.

What I’m hoping to do is:

  1. display tasks on my gantt view
  2. so it’s clear what tasks need to be done first
  3. so it’s clear that if a task is delayed, what other tasks will be delayed as a result

Right now the relations are only descriptive. For the Gantt chart, you’ll need to change the dates to make it visible these tasks follow each other.

IIRC there’s an item in the backlog to make it possible to enforce a relationship between tasks, so that you can’t complete one taks without completing another, related task first. Is that what you had in mind? Or are looking more for a way to “lock” tasks together so that if you modify the end date of one task the locked task will change its start date accordingly (and make that relation visual in the Gantt chart)?

More of that second one, where modifying the end date of one task moves the start date of another task. Theoretically, there are a number of other behaviors that become necessary when you do that e.g. do you keep the length of the task the same and move the end date, or do you keep the end date where it is? What if that affects another task, what rules does it follow?

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