Filrter/sort gantt by labels

it would be great if gantt have a filter function to sort by labels… For the moment i mark task with diffrent colors manually…it would be great to have the ribbon color or label-color to the left to match the label(s)

Do you want to filter by labels? Or sort by them?

Can you explain your use case a little?

I share a gantt with my family… me, my brother and sister using the same project/gantt to find spots where we all are available to plan meetups with our families. Sometimes someone miss to label the task and sometimes miss to change the color according to label (family 1, family 2, family 3)… then i need to check who did what and manually fix it…

I trying out the “virtual filter” to merge projects/gantts to one master but everything goes to color gray, therefore i use same gantt for everyone…

it would be filter first, then, if possible, sort them by label…

It sounds a bit like a shared calendar or something like would actually work better for your use-case.

Regardless, for filtering, you can already select the labels you want to filter by in the filter options on a project or saved filter.

Thank you for the suggestion. While OpenProject or Atlassian works, Vikunja is the one that fulfills my needs.

I realize my initial question may have been unclear. Could you please provide guidance on how to import label colors or ribbon colors to the left in gantt, as my suggestion implies?

That’s not implemented. I’m not sure if I understood you correctly though - which colors do you want to show there? The task’s color? Or the color of a label associated to the task?

Selecting label colors is a simple task when creating a new assignment, as they are already pre-defined. :+1: