Assign task to child projects while still be able to see it in parent project

I would like to be able to add task from parent project to to a childproject amd and stilk see thosw task at the parent project.
Have a “general” project where i add new tasks, then create some child projects and assign each task to their corresponding child project but still see those taks in the general project. Juat like gitea where you can assign issues to a certain project board but still see all isues in the same place.

Thank you.

So basically, you want to see tasks from parent projects in child projects?

I have a use case for wanting to view child project tasks in a parent project view. Would this be feasible through filters?

Can you describe your use case?

I have a friend I’m helping manage task tracking for putting together events. The tasks follow a template for each event occurrence. E.g Event Alpha has tasks A, B, C and later on Event Bravo has new instances of tasks A, B, C. The task titles are the same but the dates and other info are not.

It appears using child projects is easiest here as we can make a “template project” to duplicate when there is a new event to work on. It’s also nice to keep the event task lists separate. But there may be times when we want to see all event tasks together, which could be viewed in the parent project list.

(In terms of feature requests, we’d also benefit from a lightweight calendar view, but I can work on an RSS feed plugin to allow calendar apps to subscribe to or something since that’s outside the scope and I haven’t seen any similar requests for this.)

What about creating a filter for this?

A calendar view will come eventually.

A filter would work perfectly! Is there a syntax to use to dive into child projects already? I’m not too familiar with the filter capabilities yet.

No special syntax, you just select the projects you want to include in the filter

Oooooh, custom filters under the Projects page itself! Is there any method for regex or a more dynamic filter to auto include newly created projects under a parent or even just all projects within a team?

Currently you’ll have to update the filter every time you create a new project.

A calendar view would be an amazing feature. Maybe have preset views based on 3 date inputs: Start Date, End Date, Due Date. See screenshot below.

Mattermost dropped support for Focalboard in Sept’23, and since then no updates took place in Focalboard and its broken with new version of Mattermost. I believe many people are looking for alternatives for Focalboard’s Kanban and Calendar views.

You have touch upon this here: #1398 - automatic time based grouping views (calendar / date related view) - vikunja - Gitea