Task Coloring Taxonomy

I think all use-cases involving the coloring of tasks use the color as a proxy for something else (e.g. priority, urgency, labels, …)

So I think it would make sense to color tasks according to the first label assigned to them, or by person, or one of the above - that way there is a sensible taxonomy and not some meaningless rainbow of tasks :wink:

There could even be different colors for different views (e.g. by urgency or a custom property (importance → Eisenhower Matrix), by user, by label), like configuring filters/sorts in Notion.
So the task coloring could be derived from a property, which is configured for each view, sort of like Conditional Formatting in a spreadsheet.

See also #811 - Task-Colors: Where should these appear? I just find them in the kanban view - frontend - Gitea and Assign a random color to a new label

I like the idea - defining colors based on task properties would also remove the need to manually assign a color when the property changes.

Would you say users should be able to define their own colors for certain properties like priorities or overdue tasks or should that be opinionated from Vikunja?