Generate Overall list view by priority and due date missing project column

First of all, many thanks for the effort put into Vikunja, it is a remarkable piece of software.

I am a long term taskwarrior user (+7 years) trying to transition my workflow (GTD-ish) into Vikunja.

By default, in taskwarrior, there is a task view list that sorts all task by a calculated urgency factor. The details on how this calculation is made are here: Taskwarrior - Urgency - Taskwarrior

I.e. taskwarrior sorts the tasks from top to bottom based on how likely they are important to you.

I’ve failed miserably to replicate this. Here are my attempts in v0.23.0 (docker)

First, I noticed that the top left Overview and Upcoming views fail to give preference to the Priority:High tasks when there are no due dates specified. It looks like the sorting algorithm is totally arbitrary (maybe by date of entry?) I was not able to find how to configure this.

Next, I created a new filter that tries to replicate the default behaviour of taskwarrior. This filter is a default filter that shows all tasks and I picked the Table View, prioritizing by the Due Date and Priority columns. However, Filter views do not include the Project column.

Bottom line, is there any way to configure how the Overview and Upcoming sort the tasks? (preferably by Due Date/Priority). Also, is there any possibility to include the Project column to the Table view of a filter?

Many Thanks.

:wave: Welcome!

It shows tasks sorted by their due date, next (or overdue) first. After that, it will show tasks without a due date, sorted by their entry time (new tasks on the top). This should show tasks with a high urgency (= tasks which are due very soon or overdue) at the top.

Currently, there is no way to configure the sorting of tasks in other views than the table view.

Looks like this was never implemented. I’ve added an item to the backlog about this!

Thank you for the promptly response. Please, find my comments inline below:

I know that this discussion could go on forever about the criteria to sort the tasks other views than the table view. However, I suggest, after showing the tasks with closer due/overdue dates tasks, to show the tasks without due dates by their priority.

Alternatively, the urgency factor implemented by taskwarrior and referenced in my original post could be employed as an inspiration to take ideas for reference.

Yeah, that would be helpful. Thank you very much