Due Date preset with only one click


when I change the due date of a task, I often use the option to set it for “Tomorrow”, “Next Monday”, etc.
After pressing the according button, I need to either hit the “Confirm”-Button or click outside the popup to save it. It would be nice if this second step wouldn’t be needed.

I think it would be much more user-friendly and efficient, if clicking the “Tomorrow”-Button also saved the date and closed the popup.

Gian :slight_smile:

How would you change the time if the popup closes directly after clicking on one of the predefined dates?

Well, I don’t make use of the times. I’ve created some filters for Today, Tomorrow, etc. which works fine with the times always set to 12 o cock.

But you’re right, the popup could stay open after clicking a predefined date, saving it would be more important. (I sometimes forget to confirm and directly navigate to another list. Then I need to redo it as the change wasn’t saved.)