Quickly setting new Due-Dates


when planing and working with my tasks i sometimes need to change the Due-dates for a lot of tasks on at once. It would be awesome to have a quick way of doing that, like a small menu that i can open with right-click on a task that opens the datepicker.

But i think a quick feature is already implemented through the hotkeys. Unfortunately the hotkeys dont work for some reason in my case. (crtl + d)
Maybe this feature doesnt work in some browsers or am i doing something wrong?

You can click on the due date of a task in list view which will open a popup to let you change the date:

If you’re in the task detail view and press d, the due date picker will be focused. It only works in that view and without ctrl. If there’s something else on your OS which also grabs that key that could actually be a problem. It should work in general though but only on the task detail page :upside_down_face:

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I use Vikunja in Firefox - If i use “d” in the Task Detail-View nothing happens, if i use crtl + d the Browser wants to create a Bookmark, i would like to keep that hotkey since im used to it. Does that mean without changing the crtl + d hotkey in my browser i can only use that in the desktop app?

That popup is what i am looking for thanks! It would be perfect if i can also use that for creating the frist due-date.

It looks like that’s a bug. Not sure why it doesn’t work anymore though.

So you can reproduce that issue?

Yes, exactly. I’ll look into it.

Just pushed a fix for the keyboard shortcuts, it should land in the next unstable release in a couple of minutes.

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