Postpone task/Shift task in time


Sometimes I find myself having to postpone a task because I ran out of time or it doesn’t fit my schedule. Similarly, I sometimes have an open space and want to move a task ahead.

The problem is that I usually set a bunch of reminders and a due date, and it’s annoying going one for one to change their dates. So my request would be to have a postpone task or shift task in time that takes every time variable (start date, end date, due date and reminders) simultaneously shift in time, either sooner or later.

It would be something like

  1. Click Postpone/Shift task button
  2. Select how much time to shift the task: Negative numbers shift the task ahead (sooner) and positive numbers back (later). Also, you have to select the time magnitude (hours, days, weeks, etc).
  3. Click OK and the task is postponed

Hope I’m making sense. Thanks for all your work.

There is something similar available already:

You get that popup by clicking on the due date of a task while in list mode.
This only moves the due date though. If I understood you correctly you want to move everything at once?

Yes, but this might be a XY problem, since autoreminders aren’t in yet, I always set a bunch of remainders the days and hours before. Perhaps when automatic remainders are implemented it won’t be needed.

Thanks for replying.

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