Add a ▶️ and a Stop button to the List view

Hello and first thanks for this amazing tool.

I have a very simple request which I would love to see. I’m not talking about extensive time tracking (though this would be cool, but I’ve read it’s planned as a plugin) but some very easy implementation.

Basically in the list view of tasks in a project (I think at the end of each line before the move icon would be a good spot) add a :arrow_forward: if the Task has no start date set. Once you press :arrow_forward:, the start date will be set to current datetime, and it will turn into a :stop_button:. Once you press :stop_button:, the end date will be set to current datetime.

Just to have a very easy and quick way to populate start and end date in the database so you’ll know when you did a task for future reference and to display in the table view in the future.

Currently I find it very hard to set the start date of a task, unless I am missing an option? Even in the edit task page, when I manually add a start date there are a few shortcuts, but “Now” isn’t one of them. Would be a highly appreciated feature.

Well, you said it yourself, time tracking is somewhat planned. Because if that, I think we unfortunately can’t implement what you’re describing in exactly the same way as you’ve described it.

However, I think we can add a “now” to the date picker for start and end date.

Couldn’t the time tracking coexist with the simple buttons in the list?

As the buttons should be only visible when start or end date isn’t set yet, wouldn’t that not interfere?

I’m not sure how the time tracking is supposed to work, but if there is a flag about it per task of time-tracking going on, maybe if that’s true not show these buttons at all?

It would really be very helpful I think to have such simple options for basic start/stop of tasks without having to manually set the dates all the time.

If wanted I’m sure I could come up with a PR about this aswell.

I’m not sure - I think this would be confusing to the user, because they expect actual time tracking with the UX you’re describing, but what you’re proposing will only set the start and end dates.

What do you think about adding something like this to the task detail view, somewhere along with where you set the start and end date?

Fair point.

Another idea: What if once you press “Set start date” or “Set end date” in the task detail view, the current date time is selected and saved by default? If desired, one could then simply click on the pre-selected datetime (now) to change it. But personally I think most people who set these dates are setting them to right now anyway and until time tracking is here I think this would make a good compromise between ease of use and not adding potentially confusing elements to the UI.

You mean as a default value?