"Stick to due date" in the repetition section


If i set a due date with i.e. an interval of 1 week every Sunday, then there is the problem that if I finish that task not Sunday but Monday, the next due date will
be exactly 1 week later, so again on Monday. But I want the system to take and adjust the original due date and not on the date when the task was finished.
Cause it happens, especially on busy weekends, that I sometimes say: I do that tomorrow.

In the beginning I didn’t mind and I also dont mind if its overdue, but now it bugs me that I always have to manually adjust the due dates afterwards.

Or is there already something I can do? If not, is there a possibility to add a check box like “Stick to due date [ x ]” for the repetition section. So i can tell Vikunja to always take the original due date when scheduling the task to the next due date after I finished the task.

Greetings from Hessen :slight_smile: