Display subtasks

I noticed, that the vikunja roadmaps and the instance for trying out Vikunja both render an icon ( “6 of 10 Tasks”) for subtasks from the description written with - [ ] task.
My selfhosted instance does not show this functionality.
Is it possible to enable this feature (api version: 0.18.1 and frontend:0.18.2)?

Thank you very much!!!

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With the latest installation via docker-compose it already works.

Frontend version: 0.18.2
API version: v0.18.1

But I haven’t enabled anything else either.
Interesting that it does not work for you.

@philippd The icon is not yet available in a stable release, only in the latest unstable. That also makes sure creating a list with - [ ] item and * [ ] item work the same. In the last release only * [ ] item works.

Hi thanks for the clarification. I just got confused, as the version number of the frontend on try.vikunja.io shows 0.18.1 and my frontend Version is 0.18.2. I didnt notice the dev build.
Really looking forward to the next stable release.
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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