Tasks get marked as 'Done' automatically

Whenever i edit a task in any way, it also, automatically gets marked as ‘Done’ !

Sometimes, it gets marked as ‘Done’ simply when i open a task’s details view.

Frontend Version: 0.22.0
API Version: v0.22.0

Can you reproduce this on try?

No, on ‘try’ it works properly.

Then it’s probably already fixed - try runs the latest unstable build.

When’s the next release expected?

I can’t run the ‘latest unstable’ as i’m on Cloudron and the current state is not really acceptable either.

Depending on my total workload, end of January or some time in February.

That makes the self-hosting experience (especially if one uses only stable builds) a rather unpleasant one. Given that one has to wait for several months for even important bugs to be resolved.

When’s the fixed release expected?

The latest patch release was released last week: Vikunja frontend and API v0.22.1 was released | Vikunja

If it worked for you on unstable, that should work.

I did upgrade to v0.22.1, but the issue still persists, exactly as before, just a bit less frequently.

Any ‘editing & saving’ of a task’s attributes/details, triggers the task to be automatically marked as Done.

Does it work if you switch to an unstable build?

This (serious) bug was reported in January.

Yet, there’s been no fix for it.

There was a release in February: What's new in Vikunja 0.23.0 | Vikunja

That’s what my self-hosted instance is on

Does this happen with every task? What attributes do the tasks this happens with have? Does it happen with tasks in any project? Does it happen in any browser?

  1. Yes, with any task (note: it’s still a bit sporadic, so, doesn’t happen ‘every’ time)
  2. Any attribute e.g. priority, description, date etc.
  3. Yes, any project
  4. So far, I’ve been using only Chrome

Does it work with Firefox or any other non-chromium based browser?

Does it mark the tasks as done directly after editing them or only after a while?

Either way.

This time, i simply navigated to the task detail page of a newly created task, and within a couple of seconds, the task got marked as “Done”.


  • Chrome PWA
  • Client:

Exact same thing happened for another newly created task.

When i navigated to the task detail page for the first time, same behaviour.
Also, these are the network logs for the above activity:

The GET for the task 117 is the first navigation to the task detail page.
And the POST is executed automatically, without any activity on my part!

0.22.1 is not the latest release. Please update to 0.23.0 or an unstable build (make a backup!) and check if the error is still present there.