Mark subtasks as done doesn't work as expected

Good evening,

I’m back on Vikunja and I noticed a bug.
The subtasks within the description of a task can be checked, but when I close the task and open it again, the subtasks are unchecked again.

Tested with vikunja/api:unstable

Shouldn’t the subtasks still have their status (checked/unchecked) after exiting the task?

Many greetings,

Can you reproduce this on try?

The bug you’re describing is a frontend issue but it looks like you’ve only tested with the unstable api. Can you check with the unstable frontend?

It is not reproducible on the Try instance. There, a “Saved!” is also displayed when the checkmark is set.

I changed the frontend to unstable, but on my instance the behavior is identical to before.
Interestingly, the note “2 tasks” is not displayed for me.

Currently API and frontend is running on unstable.

Does it work on your instance when you try in a private tab? What exact version are you using? (From the about dialoge in the menu)