Custom sorting tasks on overview?


I’ve just discovered Vikunja (thanks to Yunohost project): congratulations, this is a very interesting app! I’m thinking about switching from Quire to it…

Sorry for this noob question: I don’t really understand how to customize the way tasks are sorted. Especially on overview (but more generally on every list pages), I would like to be able to sort tasks by priority, or by due date, or any other things. The “saved filter” form doesn’t seem to allow customization neither.

Thanks a lot!


Currently that’s not possible, only in the table view of a list. I think it makes sense to have this though, and the api supports it already so it shouldn’t take too much effort to add it. Added an item to the backlog.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve just noticed that tasks order on Upcoming page is not the same between desktop client and webpage in my browser (inversed order)

Is that the same version? (Menu > About > Frontend version)

What does it do on try?

Yes it is : 0.18.1

Can’t test on try because I can’t login with desktop client (wrong username or password with demo/demo)

Did you set the api url?

My bad, I didn’t.

I can confirm that the same problem occurs on “try”.

For information, I’ve created an account on to support the project. And I try to use Vikunja with Tangram. The result is the same: tasks order is inverted between Firefox and Tangram.

It looks like this is an issue with chromium-based browsers (like the electron app and Tanagram).

Fixed the sorting issue in df32893ce6. The CI is currently releasing a new unstable version, please test with that once ready (~30min) by switching to unstable or on try.

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Thanks a lot, problem fixed on try!

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