Detecting days of the week is a bit too enthusiastic

Reproduced on demo with Firefox 91.0.2 on Linux.

How to reproduce:

  1. Create a new task with the name “Connect an external monitor”

Expected result:
A card with a name “Connect an external monitor” gets created.

Actual result:
A card with a name “Connect an external itor” gets created. Its due date is set to the next Monday.

Other words to test on: Wedding, Fries

Yup, I’ve noticed that too. To fix this I think a good solution is to make sure the text either ends with one of the day keywords or there’s a space afterwards.

That sounds like a decent workaround to me, but shouldn’t the core issue be addressed? Perhaps adding another magic key like # / @ for labels?

I mean, that’d be the fix I need to implement. Wouldn’t that address the core issue?

Even if you had to specify “on Fri” or something similar. I think there needs to be something to specify that a term should be interpreted as a date.

Mon → commonly short for “monitor”
Sun, Sat, Wed → these are actual English words.

:wave: How about doing something similar than Todoist:
They recognise the dates, show it but make it easily possible to remove it via click or backspace.



That sounds like a great idea.

Sidequestion: @kolaente how can I upload small videos?
Would probably save data instead of using GIFs for stuff like above.
Or am I just not allowed yet to upload movies, since my account here is that new?

You should now be able to upload videos, but only with a max size of 25mb.

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I’ve just pushed a fix for the original issue in 4b64e27d2b. A new unstable release should be ready in ~30 min, please test with that. Should be ready on try in ~30 min as well.

Doing something like todoist does (what @dpschen suggested) is something to look into.