Add "Checkbox List" as a formatting option to choose from

It would be really nice to have a Checkbox List option next to Filtered and Unfiltered List options. It’s a big inconvenience for less tech savvy people to remember that they need to start a line with * [] in order to get a checklist. On top of that, the autosave goes too quick and often results in weird behavior when trying to type out * [], resulting in mistypes. Maybe that’s a topic for a different discussion, but with how aggressive the autosave is, it often results in the cursor moving on me as I’m trying to type * [], I assume because it’s updating the formatting as you’re typing or something like that.

Yes. The plan is to get rid of easyMDE completely and use tiptap instead. That would solve a few problems here.

I think we have an item in the backlog for that already.

That’s great to hear! I look forward to when that is released.